My motives here are to help you stay alive, reduce the risk of criminal convictions, make good decisions, and avoid possible financial disaster. How would you do that yourself? KNOW THE LAW!

Any information presented through this website is for educational purposes only. I am not an attorney and nothing here can be considered legal advice. I am a graduate of The Law of Self-Defense Academy as an instructor and author of this website. Even though the area of self-defense law can be a moving target, every effort is made to provide accurate and timely information. If legal advice about your particular situation is needed, contact a competent attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction.

After 25+ years of law enforcement and many years of intensive study, it is easy to see the terrible legal consequences of use of force errors. The legal system is very intolerant of mistakes in claims of self-defense. Almost everyday you can find examples of ordinary citizens facing many years in prison because they didn’t understand the law or how it would be applied.

If you ever have to use any level of force against another person (especially if you carry a firearm), you cannot afford to be poorly educated in the legal boundaries of your actions. You must know the law before an incident presents itself so you can make better, more confident, and more informed self-defense decisions. If not prepared, you place yourself at great risk of going to prison and/or financial Armageddon!

Many myths and misconceptions frequent our conversations and beliefs about the use of force in self-defense. If any of these are acted upon, you risk serious legal jeopardy. We want you to be informed and clearly understand what a lawful self-defense action looks and feels like.

If you are ever attacked, you must, of course, be prepared to win the physical fight. However, in the aftermath, claiming you acted in self-defense is not enough. If there are any questions about your actions, you will end up defending yourself in court. You also must be prepared to win that inevitable legal battle. The best way for you and your attorney to do that is to show you made correct judgements and present a strong case showing your actions were within the boundaries of lawful use of force. It is your job to learn the boundaries and stay within them.

Many ideas and topics from this website will be inspired by actual cases, basic research, as well as the publications and teachings of one of my mentors, Attorney Andrew Branca (among others). See his website

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